Too late to explore the Wii?

We have had a Wii under our living room telly for many years and it has always been my intention some day to explore what it could do beyond family friendly titles like Mario Kart and Just Dance. Monster Hunter Tri in particular was a title that I intended to try out someday having heard good things about it from many sources and given that it isn't available on any other platform. Somehow that "someday" kept getting pushed back and today I was a bit miffed to read that the servers are shutting down this very day. I don't think this affects the single player game but it is disappointing to realise that I will probably never have the full experience.

Apparently Capcom are shutting down the Wii servers in the hopes of encouraging folk to migrate to their newer game on the WiiU platform. This strikes me as a pretty dodgy business strategy. There are almost a hundred million Wiis out there. There are no where near as many WiiUs and I strongly suspect there never will be.


Yeah, my post a while back about our Wii gathering dust was, in part, prompted by the fact that Nintendo is turning off some of the channels. I hadn't seen that third parties were turning off their servers as well.

It is inevitable though. And unlike some PC games, where people have created work-arounds or reverse engineered server code, in a closed environment like the Wii, when it is done it is really done.
mbp said…
Hi Wilhelm as a long time PC gamer I take the ability to play retro game for granted. I wonder if the new PS and Xbox consoles will take advantage of their reported X86 architectures to allow players to access the incredible back catalogue of X86 games?

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