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Fallout  3
I recently spent over 60 hours playing the main campaign of  Fallout 3. I am hugely impressed and highly recommend it. What a huge world to explore full of adventures and stories. I forgot they made games like this. A minor gripe is that character progression is perhaps too generous with generous increases on power up and lots of skill ups scattered about the place. I never really felt the need to compromise one role in order to progress another and by the end of the game I was 100% proficient in several major skills. I have yet to install the add ons which I believe increase the level cap and will allow even more skills to be maxed out.
Darksiders 2.
I loved Darksiders 1 and I was hugely disappointed that the sequel didn't pull in enough revenue to save poor THQ. At least there is a fabulous game still to be played. Terrific artwork, fun puzzles and combat make this demonic fantasy action game a delight to play. For old codgers like me who normally struggle with complicated button mashing combos the Darksiders games are a godsend. A typical combo is X,X. Another is X,X,X, not to mention the devastating power of X,X,X,X. There is a little bit of timing involved but these patterns are so simple that even my middle aged digits can pull them off. The first game suffered from rather painful difficulty spikes. Some of the bosses were so much harder than normal gameplay that they put people off the game. Thankfully this second game seems to have a much smoother difficulty curve. Bosses still step up the challenge a bit but not outrageously so. Minor warning: Darksiders 2 occasionally suffers from annoyingly long loading times on my PC. It is a known problem and various solutions are proposed on the internet but none of these worked for me. It doesn't affect gameplay at all so I just put up with it.
The Walking Dead
I am not sure if this zombie adventure should really be called a game. It is more of an interactive novel. I played through a couple of chapters, enough to convince me that I want to experience the rest of the story once I clear my in tray sufficiently to give it the attention it deserves.


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