Sunday, March 10, 2013

Far Cry 3 Thoughts on Finishing the Game

Main campaign completed, every outpost conquered, every radio tower climbed, every skill earned, every item crafted and a bunch of other side missions done along the way. I think I can take a break from the game now. 

I wrote my early impressions of the game before and I am still very much in agreement with those thoughts. In order to get the most out of this game you need to immerse yourself in the abundance of side missions and activities on offer and once you do it is a terrific gaming experience.

At that early point I was a little bit worried that it was too easy to unlock powerful weaponry early in the game which imbalances the early fights. This is particularly true if you take the scenic route and do lots of side missions (and you really should). Happily this problem rectifies itself after a while and by the end of the game you are facing hordes of tough enemies so you need all the weaponry you can get.

The main campaign is utterly silly which is a pity but it has some great missions. I had a particular dislike of one main character who you are supposed to find sexy but who came too close to the uncanny valley for my tastes.

Side Note: Given the current debate about the dreadful stereotypes of of women in video games I think it is a great pity that there is no option to play as a female protagonist. I think that would have allowed for a much richer storyline.

Overall a terrific game that has given me many hours of first rate entertainment. I have only one serious gripe: there is no way to replay missions without starting the game from scratch. If you are on PC you can find some save games on the net but console players are out of luck if they want to experience that sublime weed fuelled killing spree or any other mission again. They really really should allow you to replay old missions.

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DM Osbon said...

For a female protagonist I still say it's worth trying Tomb Raider. Shatters its own stereotype.