Mafia 2: Get Rich or Die Flying (for Real Men)

The Mafia 2 Steam Achievement "Get Rich or Die Flying" requires you to keep a car in the air for over 5 seconds. There are videos around showing how anyone  can do this by driving over incy wincy bumps in the road. Now however I am delighted to be able to show a video of how Real Men can achieve vehicular flight by driving over a Real Ramp:


Cap'n John said…
Nice hang time, with a pretty decent landing, too. I loved doing things like that in GTA.
mbp said…
Thanks Cap'n John. It took a few runs to get a decent video. Oddly enough the runs where I maanged to hit the centre of the ramp generally ended up with me crashing into a building and dying but that run where I veered off centre by accident I missed all the buildings and survived.

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