Thursday, January 06, 2011

Gogle Labs introduces gXtortion (beta)

Just spotted the announcement of an interesting new service from Gogle labs:

Introducing gXtortion (beta) from Gogle labs.

gXtortion is the world's first on-line guarantee of privacy service. Imagine Mr Harry Pintlewaithe of 11 Rosegarden cottages ( if you could make a single monthly payment of $125 for gXtotrion home (beta) to ensure that your private data would not be revealed to third parties such as Mrs Brenda Pintlewaithe ( also of 11 Rosegarden cottages.

This nominal monthly fee would guarantee the privacy of data such as
1. The fact that you 11.5% of your internet searches include the words "farmyard animal porn" 
2. The fact that you spent 2 hours and 25 minutes on Friday, 25th May in very close proximity to a certain Ms. Ethel Goodbodie ( aged 21

For an additional $125 a month you can upgrade to gXtortion Home and Social (beta). In addition to ensuring your privacy at home a gXtortion Home and Social (beta) subscription will protect your privacy among friends and social contacts. You can rest assured, for example,  that your friends and colleagues in Knob's End Rugby Football Club of which you have been a member for  11 years 2 months and 3 days  will definitely not find out that you are subscribed to eight well known embroidery blogs.

Power users can opt for gXtortion pro (beta). An all in subscription of only $500 per month provides all of the benefits listed above and ensures that your boss  Mr Frederic Applesop ( of Hinge and Bracket Inc will not find out that your most commonly visited web site is nor that your impressive score of 33,564,911 in the online game Goglefarm was obtained entirely during working hours.   

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