Tuesday, December 06, 2011

They are going to have to bring back farthings.

First we had digital retailers like Steam discounting AAA games from €40 down to €10 and it felt like a revolution.

Then the revolution moved on to indie titles which usually cost €10 or €15 and these were discounted down to €1 or €2.

Now we have the Android Sale discounting mobile  games that normally only cost a couple of euro down to €0.10.

Pretty soon they are going to have to bring back halfpenny's and farthings in order to allow this discounting madness to continue.


Stabs said...

Hyperinflation of the Euro may come along to save you!

mbp said...

If only Stabs.

Living in a country that is up to its neck in debt I would vote for hyper inflation in an instant.

Those that are owed the money don't seem to see it that way though.