Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Guilty Confession about Leisure Suit Larry

Leisure suit Larry is being re-released. I owe a lot to that game. Nearly a quarter of a century ago it was the first "real" PC game that I ever finished and I was blown away by how much more sophisticated this was that  the blocky Space Invaders and Pong games I remembered from arcades. (Of course no one could ever accuse Larry's humour of being sophisticated but the gameplay was head and shoulders above anything I had ever seen). That one game led me to Lucas Arts Adventures and from then to Doom and from then to the enduring gaming hobby that remains with me today.

Thats not the confession.

The thing is I didn't own a PC at that stage (late 1980's) few people did. Instead I pulled an all nighter in work to play a bootlegged copy someone had smuggled in to the office. I finished it in the small hours of the morning and I can still remember the feeling of euphoria. I knew this was the start of something big and important.

That isn't the confession though. This is:

Unfortunately the PC I played the game on never worked properly again and some important work files were lost. I never told my boss or my colleagues about my night time exploits particularly after we heard a rumour that certain copies of Leisure Suit Larry had a nasty worm that damaged PCs.


Anonymous said...

Never played it but I was always curious of the title when it was released. Is it all about suits as costumes?

mbp said...

Lol DM no. It is a heartwarming tale of sleazy young man's quest to get laid.

Have you started yet another new blog DM? Is there a blogging service on the planet that you haven't tried out at this stage?

DM Osbon said...

LOL! I see...

...and yes a new blog. I will let cut off both my hands if I decide to quit or move again!