Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting away from it all (Not)

Total amount of electrical equipment brought on holiday by family of two adults and two children:
1xLaptop + charger + external mouse
2x Digital cameras+spare batteries+chargers+memory cards and other assorted peripherals including tripod
2x Nintendo DSes plus chargers plus assorted peripherals + selection of game cartridges
2 x mobile phones plus chargers
2 x USB memory sticks
2 x MP3 Players plus headphones plus charging cables
2 x continental plug adapters

Estimated weight of electronics: 12kg
Total "free" luggage allowance on low cost air carrier: 10kg hand luggage per person.
Percentage of free luggage allowance consumed by electronics: 30%


DM Osbon said...

Good to see you back, mbp.

Any plans on getting Starcraft 2?

mbp said...


I must hang my head in shame and admit that I never got around to playing Starcraft 1 so the hype over Starcraft 2 has somewhat passed me by. I guess I will check it out eventually though, given that it is likely to become a gaming staple.