Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time is up for Downfall Parodies

I am disappointed and a little bit surprised to see that the often hilarious parodies of Hitler's explosive rant from the movie "Downfall" are soon to be removed from YouTube. Disappointed because many of them were quite funny. Surprised because I don't see how it benefits Constantin Films (the copyright owners) to   have these clips removed. By showcasing an exceptionally well done clip from the movie these clips are free advertising. Why do the owners object to that?


Stabs said...

Almost certainly the complaint is because they were trying to do a sensitive and historically accurate film and everyone is taking the piss.

It's ironic because parody is actually exempt from copyright restrictions. You ARE allowed to copy something to parody it.

Unknown said...

mbp said...

Lol Winged Nazgul nice link. I guess it was inevitable that someone would make that.