Saturday, March 20, 2010

So Long Nick (Yee) and Thanks for All the Physh(cology)

Earlier this month Nick Yee announced that he was putting the Daedalus project into hibernation. I discovered the project before I had even ventured into an mmorpg for the first time and I became absolutely fascinated by Nick's research into the psychology of mmorpgs and the people who play them. After 10 years of building this phenomenal resource it is completely understandable that Nick wants to move on but thankfully he is leaving his treasure trove of survey information on line. I believe it remains the gold standard of research into the motivations and behaviour of "us" the people who play mmorpgs.

Edit: Thank you to Tesh for pointing out that I am exactly one year behind the times with this post. Nick put his site into hibernation in March 2009 and has actually even launched a new study since then. And I was so proud of that post title :(


Tesh said...

Um, actually, that was *last year* that he put the place in hibernation. He *does* have a new study in the research phase, though:

I'm grateful that he left the databases up even when in hibernation, though. It would be a shame to lose that data.

mbp said...

Ooops. I wondered why no one else had commented about it. Zero points for being up to date with the news.

I totally agree that the archive is an invaluable resource. Even though most of Nicks work refers to WoW in it's heyday there are a lot of generally applicable lessons to be learned from it.