Monday, March 15, 2010

An Apology to Iphone Users - You are not Data Hogs after all.

In a reply to my previous post DM Osbon pointed out that Iphone users mainly browse text based web pages like blog readers and twitter. I googled around for more data and I was surprised with the results:

This survey suggests that 68% of Canadian Iphone users use less than 500Mb per month: 2009 Poll

Here is a description of a more recent Consumer Reports study that pegged typical Iphone usage at only 273Mb per month: Consumer Reports Study Blackberry users come in at a very modest 50Mb per month (unsurprising given the strong association between Blackberry and email).

I am quite pleased to see that my own mobile internet usage fits right into the consumer reports statistics as a user of an "other smartphone", average data 150Mb/month. I don't feel such a cheapskate any more for sticking with my miserly 250Mb data package.


DM Osbon said...

Had my iPhone for 3 months now and have used 812mgbs of data, am over 250 per month but not by much.

mbp said...

812Mbs per 3 months is 271Mb per month which is almost exactly equal to the 273 Mb average from the Consumer Report survey. Are you sure you weren't one of the people they surveyed :)

Stabs said...

I'm still at the "My word! The internet! On a telephone! What will they think of next!" stage.

mbp said...

Are you old enough to remember the original "shell phone" Star Trek communicator Stabs?

Every once in while I think back to those days when I look at my mobile phone. I would only be a little bit more awed if you told me that the next version of the Iphone has a button that beams the user up to an intergalactic space ship.

DM Osbon said...

@mbp Nice to be called 'average', as it doesn't happen often ;-)