How can I keep a detailed record of my gaming?

I would love to have a detailed record of my gaming habits - so that for example I could look back and see what games I was playing a year ago. I installed Xfire a few months back in order to avail of its gaming history feature but I am very disappointed by the statistics it keeps. It tells you what games you have played in the last week and it also keeps a record of total time spent in any one game but that is it. There is no way that I can find to analyse my past gaming on a monthly or weekly basis.

Now that I have discovered that X-Fire can cause conflicts with some games I am wondering if I really want to keep using it but I don't know of any other tool that comes close to keeping the gaming history I want. Does anyone know of a better way to keep a record of my gaming history?


Stabs said…

It sounds facetious but I honestly think blogging is going to be a great way to look back in years to come.

They are essentially diaries.
mbp said…
That is a good point Stabs and I do sometimes browse back through my blog to see what I was up to a couple of years back. I am not diligent enough to record all my gaming on it though.
Jayedub said…
You can disable xfire in game, which seems to be a big part of the problem. Go into the options, then games, and click on the game on the left side and on the right side are some options that you can adjust.

When you disable xfire in game you will lose the ability to chat while in game, not sure if that is something you would care about.

I have been using Raptr for a few months now and I like it. I guess the main reason I like it is because it can keep track of steam games and xbox 360 game time too. But when you set it up you can input your xfire info and it will pull those stats onto your Raptr profile. But I can't chat while in game, no big loss for me.

Hoped some of this helped.
mbp said…
Thank for for those two useful tips Jaydub. Disabling Xfire in game should solve incompatibility problems. I never heard of Raptr before - what sort of stats does it keep? Are they more detailed than Xfire?

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