Wednesday, November 04, 2009

DDO: Look after the copper and the gold will look after itself. NOT!

Dungeons and Dragons online has possibly the most confusing currency system of any game I have yet played.

In the first instance there are too many types of coins: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper. Copper is useless. Even at level 1 everything costs silver or gold and by level 3 I routinely buy things that cost 100's or 1000's of gold.

The next problem is that the multiplier between tiers of coin is only 10 as opposed to the more usual 100. I am sure I will eventually get used to this but even after two weeks playing I still need to remind myself that 50 silver is  equal in value to 5 gold.

The NPCs vendors don't help the situation by routinely ignoring platinum when quoting prices. The ingredients to inscribe a level 2 spell for example are quoted at 420 gold instead of 42 platinum.

Finally and perhaps the most confusing thing of all is that your purse does not automatically convert coins to the largest denomination. For example my purse might contain: 21 Platinum, 194 Gold, 211 Silver and 384 Copper. Can I afford to buy level 2 inscription materials which are quoted at 420 gold? 

Is this some kind of slavish adherence to the AD&D ruleset? I don't know but how hard can it be to implement a simple algorithm to add up the coins in your purse?

By the way the answer is yes. I can afford the inscription materials and I will have 0 platinum, 8 gold, 9 silver and 4 copper left over. 


Cap'n John said...

Have you noticed how excited you get (at least at lower levels) when you break open a crate and a pile of silver coins appear? And it's not just one or two silver, either, we're talking 20, 30, 50-something silver coins! Woohoo! I'm rich! I'm rich! I' want how much for that scroll???

I agree on the confusing hodge podge of currency in your bag, too; I find that extremely annoying. Sure, it's very real worldish. Just because I have 4 quarters doesn't mean they'll magically transform into a dollar bill, but DDO is a fantasy world, not the real world.

Actually, that reminds me. I finally made it to Stormreach and posted an Auction on the weekend but haven't logged in since. I better log in tonight and see if I made a few thousand platinum.

mbp said...

Hi Cap'n John Welcome to Stormreach!

Don't get me started on the auction house: Why is there no search facility? Why can you only sort th3 current page not the whole list? Why does the default price for bids and posts go to something ridiculous (100's of platinum in my case)?

Anyway despite all of that I have managed to sell a few things. I even bought some Turbine cash to become a "premium player" and have access to more auction house slots. My rule of thumb is that +1 weapons and armour can usually be sold for a little bit more than half the base price.

Cap'n John said...

Mu auction didn't go off so I got my Falchion +1 back in the mail and promptly relisted it. Not for a few thousand platinum (spot of exaggeration there ;) but for about 1,500 gold BuyOut. There were several other +1 Falchions for sale, too, and mine was about middle of the mark. If it still doesn't sell I might have to bite the bullet and relist it for about 1,000 gold or so over the weekend. Better to sell it cheap than keep burning my gold on the deposit.

Pangoria Fallstar said...

Try thinking of it like this, you have several pennies, nickles, quarters and dollar bills in your wallet, does your wallet automatically convert the money?

But I'll agree with you on price quoting, it's like saying, that you need 420 quarters, and you have to add up your money and do some mental math to figure out if you can or not.

Rob said...

Try thinking of it like this, you have several pennies, nickles, quarters and dollar bills in your wallet, does your wallet automatically convert the money?

No, but if someone asks me how much money I have on me, I say "$1.73" not "5 quarters, a couple of dimes, four nickels, and 8 pennies".

Maybe I was obtuse about it when I was six, but who wants to play an MMO designed by a six year-old?

mbp said...

I'm with Rob on this on Pangoria. Back in the 1970's when people were playing Dungeons and Dragons with pencil, paper and 20 sided dice I might have understood it but now that we are playing on computers that can do billions of arithmetic operations every second it hard to understand why the machine can't add up the coins for me.

Unknown said...

Heh, at least in the D&D 1st edition the currencies were:

platinum = 5 gold
gold = 2 electrum or 10 silver
electrum = 5 silver
silver = 10 copper

So basically we had 5 currencies of which 2 were actually on a 5:1 ratio instead of the 10:1 ratio on the other currencies' relations. Wouldn't it have been awesome if DDO designers would have implemented this system? :D

mbp said...

Hi Camilo. Good grief --- and that was back in the days before pocket calculators were common. No wonder D&D got a reputation as a nerd game.