Friday, December 19, 2008

Lotro: Second Moria Patch Delayed due to Exploit

The second MoM patch was supposed to be deployed to European servers yesterday but was pulled at the last minute. Codemasters support forums say that an exploit was discovered and the deployment was put off till today. Servers are still down so I guess the update is still in progress.

The interesting thing about this is that the US got the patch 4 days ago on the 15th. My guess is the exploit was discovered on US servers and they decided to delay deployment in Europe until it is fixed. I wonder if they are hot-fixing the US servers too. Anyone finding that you can now vendor beginner level light hides for 100G a piece in the US please let me know.


Thallian said...

lol, me too! (jk, gettign free money isn't something I'd really want, its just like getting an "I win" button, fun for a second and then unsatisfying later)

mbp said...


Mind you on my server at the moment money is almost useless. There is nothing to buy on the AH even if you wanted. All the crafter's are still skilling up but they haven't gotten around to putting any gear up for sale yet. You can sell materials for great prices but what is the point when there is nothing to buy?