Friday, December 19, 2008

Lotro: Help I'm Levelling up too fast.

I have been doggedly trying to do every quest in each region before I move on. I pretty much cleared out Eregion, The Great Delving, Sivertine Lodes, Durins Way and now I have moved into Zelem Melek (a region who's geography still completely baffles me by the way). It is not compulsory to finish every quest but there is something very satisfying about clearing out an area plus you usually get a nice title and trait rewards for doing so.

The only problem is that I am levelling up faster than I can complete quests. As a consequence of my completionist policy I spend a lot of my time doing quests which are a fair bit below below my level. Throg is now level 56 fast approaching 57 and still has a lot to do before finishing Zelem Melek.

It's not really a problem but Throg is probably a little under-geared because the rewards from these quests are generally below his level. At least with the Christmas season coming up I should have time to run a few more fellowship instances which should net me some gear.


Green Armadillo said...

This has always been a problem with the quest deeds (well, actually all of the deeds) are set up. I don't think I'm ever going to level an alt in LOTRO, simply because I did all the content, including grinding hundreds of additional mobs after running out of quests, on my first character for deed credit.

mbp said...

That is a very good point GA. Traits mean that you can't just grind an alt to max level in the most efficient way possible - you still have to go back and do all those quests in Bree and everywhere else in order to get your traits. I also have been put off levelling an alt for this very reason.

Since the advent of MoM the picture has changed a bit because traits are capped at 10 and you can max out several traits in more than one way. Nevertheless the principle remains - Traits are a big grind and doing it on a second character is not very appealing.

By the way GA MoM is very solo friendly if you were thinking of coming back. I am sure it lacks the multi million dollar polish of Wotlk but it really is a great expansion.