Monday, September 08, 2008

Six things you should know about Monster's Den

Monster's Den is a fun little Flash RPG that has consumed most of my gaming timer over the last few days. If you haven't tried it I recommend it but there are a few things about the game that are not quite obvious at first so in order to ease you path into the game her is my helpful list:

1. There's a sequel only its not a sequel more of an expanded version. Monster's Den:Book of Dread actually includes the Monsters Den campaign plus two more campaigns. It also has an updated interface so you may want to skip the original Monster's Den altogether. I didn't -I am still only half way through the first game so anything I have to say is only guaranteed to work in Monster's Den itself.

2. If you don't want it, throw it away. There is very little reason to keep stuff once you have a better item. You can lose one item per character if you get killed but that won't happen after you have read these helpful hints, will it? NB NB This does not apply in Book of Dread apparently they have a shop where you sell unwanted loot. Personally I love the simplicity of just throwing stuff out.

3. You can swap your ranger for a rogue or vice versa. At the start of the game at the character select screen press the little "x" to delete the character and then press the resulting blank space. You may need to do this a few times to get the character you want.
Edit: Thanks to anonymous commenter for pointing out that: " Regarding number 3: you can change your party composition by clicking on the class icons at character creation, you don't need to delete/add and hope to get the one you want." I haven't tried this myself yet but it makes more sense than the hit or miss approach I was using.

4. Enemies with names in parentheses are named bosses. Save these until the end of a level when you have got some decent gear. Also make sure your health and power bars are completely full before tackling a boss fight.

5. Always clear every level before moving on. Not only will the loot come in useful but if you completely clear a level before moving on you get a one time option to come back up and rest replenishing your health and energy bars.

6. Ways to replenish health and energy out of combat:
Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the game is figuring out how to replenish health and energy between fights. The supply of potions (which can only be used of of combat) is very limited. For quite a while I was a power miser, afraid to use many skills and trying to stretch out battles to give my power bars time to recharge before moving on. While it is still a good idea to finish a battle with as much power and health remaining as possible there are other ways of recharging out of combat.
  • Potions can only be used out of combat. Simply drag a potion onto the appropriate character from the inventory screen. Potions are very limited though you should probably keep them for the tougher fights later in the game.
  • Most levels have one or two magical pools where allow you to replenish your health and energy one time each. I recommend using one of these before every boss fight.
  • If you fully clear a level before moving on you can go back to it once from the next level to replenish health and energy. Just press the backwards green arrow below the map screen to use it.
  • You also regenerate a bit of health and energy every time you explore a new area. It took me a while to figure this out. Because of this I don't recommend exploring new areas when your health and energy bars are full. Go fight something and then explore in order to recharge.


Anonymous said...

Regarding number 3: you can change your party composition by clicking on the class icons at character creation, you don't need to delete/add and hope to get the one you want.

mbp said...

Oops, my mistake. It did feel a bit silly to have to delete a character and hope for the best.

Jim said...

Help! I can't use potions! Every time I try it says X character can't use X potion at this time. Do I need my party to be in a certain space on the map? I'm very frustrated by this!

mbp said...

Hi Jim

Its been a while since I played but did you seen the note above about using potions: You can't use them at all in combat. Out of combat you drag them onto a character portrait in the inventory screen to use them.