Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Carebear in 0.0: Titan Ahoy

There was an Amarr Titan waiting at the gate. A frigging Titan. I had never seen a real life Titan before but I wasn't going to wait around to get a better look. I hit the Auto pilot button and prayed.

This was supposed to be a straightforward supply trip. In order to continue missioning in 0.0 I need to fit out a combat ship. I had already picked up an Executioner frigate from a Mordus Legion outpost deep in the heart of Pure Blind. It's about the only combat frigate this trader alt has the skills to fly but sadly the local 0.0 market could not provide the stuff needed to kit it out. I was returning from the safety of Empire space with the modules needed in my hold when I ran into the Behemoth camped at the gate.

The reason I hit autopilot is because I have read it is the quickest way to get into warp in an emergency. Sure enough my little frigate alligned and zoomed away. The Titan vanished behind me. I was safe.

Safe that is until the autopilot deposited me 15 km from my exit gate. 15km was perhaps an ideal distance for me to observe the largest collection of ships I have ever seen in EVE camping that gate. Sadly 15 km was not the ideal distance for attempting to activate the gate. Nor did the fact that I was travelling towards the gate help me make a quick getaway. The first salvo from the Band of Brother campers (BoB) destroyed my ship. The second incinerated my pod.

My jaunt into 0.0 is certainly proving to be exciting. Having been killed on alternate days by Red Alliance and Band of Brothers, two of the most notorious alliances in EVE I think I am entitled to feel a certain veterancy. I suppose I could also feel a certain frustration as I sit in a bare Executioner in X-70MU lacking the lasers or amour repairer I need to have any chance of completing this "Worlds Collide" mission. Then again I escaped from a Titan today. That's not a tale that many carebears could tell.

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