Lotro Lifetime subscription available to all

There is a very minor flap over at the lotro-eupoe forums about Turbine/Codemasters announcement that all players will now be able to avail of a life time subscription offer. Previously only founder members (those who got the pre-order package) could get a lifetime sub. Apparently some founder members are upset that a privilege they thought reserved for themselves alone is now available to the masses.

I am a founder memeber but I have absolutely no time for this opinion. However in an attempt to be fair I will try and look at it from their side. I do remember when signing up as a founder member I had to make a decision whether or not to go for a lifetime subscription. I had played the game for a week pre-order and knew I liked it but I didn't know if I would be playing for the year or so that would make lifetime subscription a good deal. The impression given was that if you didn't choose the lifetime sub straight away you would never get another chance so that did create a certain pressure to plump up for it.

If the lifetime sub was now made available for the same price to everyone I could understand why people might feel tricked. Those who opted for the lifetime sub thinking they would never get another chance might have preferred to experience the game a bit longer before commiting to the lifetime option.

However the new offer is not at the same price. It is 50% dearer. Founder member lifetime sub was only €150. Non founder lifetime sub is €220. Founder members got a whopping €70 discount. I don't think they have any cause for complaint.

I didn't actually opt for the lifetime sub - instead I bought a 6 month sub for €54. I still got a substantial discount over the non-founder rate, a discount I will continue to enjoy as long as I suscribe to the game so I am well pleased with the founder program.


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