Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lotro: The Refugees from Azeroth have all been deported

Some time back I made a tongue in cheek blog post about the many former World of Warcraft players who had come to Middle Earth to play Lotro. Reading that post now I realise that despite my feeble attempt at humour I had hit on some slightly deeper truth. Many of these former WOW players felts as if they didn't belong in LOTRO. It was almost as if they were playing it as if it was WOW expansion and didn't get the point of the game.

Here we are some months later and almost all of them appear to have left LOTRO and moved back to World of Warcraft. I noticed this phenomenon among my fellow bloggers but I have struggled to try and decide what it means. Is Lotro a failure? Is World of Warcraft just better? Am I silly to remain on in LOTRO?

I haven't really been able to get my head around this so I am very grateful then to Khan (Battered Shield) for his excellent blog post where he talks about this phenomenon and very astutely looks at the people who have chosen to stay. If you are still playing Lotro it is worth reading.

Lotro may not have been the multi-million player success its developers may have wished for but it does seem to have settled down to a core population of committed players. No new servers seem to have launched since before the Summer - so I guess the game population is not growing but I know my server still feels populated and groups are easy to find.

By the way - this post actually owes much to Tipa from West Karana who pointed out that rather than just leave long comments on fellow bloggers posts we should leave short comments and write out thoughts in our own blog linking back to the original post. I like that idea. If nothing else it will give me more content for my own blog :)


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