Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Gaming

Its Christmas. Everyone in my household is on holidays and its a good time to get in a spot of gaming. Having reached the level cap in LOTRO I don't feel quite the same need to play it to the exclusion of all other games. I finally got around to finishing the last level of Company of Heroes and I should be able to fit in at least one single player game over the festive period.

Two obvious choices are "Crysis" and "Call of Duty 4". I played through the demos and both look good. As might be expected Far Cry is a bit more subtle with options for stealth play and sneaking through the jungle while Call of Duty is a no holds barred all shooting all exploding extravaganza. Unfortunately though Crysis brings my poor computer to its knees so I think I had better follow DM Osbons recommendation and try CoD4 at least until I can afford a better graphics card. I may even try the multiplayer - DM Osbon

Before I invest in a new game I really should cast my eye over the collection of games on my shelf that are still in their shrink wrap. Notable goodies include: Supreme Commander ,Titan Quest, Guild Wars Factions, Guild Wars Eye of the North, Neverwinter Nights 2, Gothic 3.

Looking even further back I have quite a number of well regarded games that I always intended to play but never got around to: Beyond Good and Evil, Perimeter, Farenheit, Fable, X3 Reunion, XIII, Hidden and Dangerous 2, Evil Genius, Thief Deadly Shadows, Deus Ex Invisible War and quite a few other unplayed games stare at me forlornly from the shelf beside my computer.

Many of these games are relics from a period of compulsive game buying. At its height I was buying 50 games a year from bargain shelves and even second hand. I have pretty much got over that phase and I no longer buy games I don't have time to play but some of those games deserve to be played.

Perhaps I will proceed as follows: I will get Call of Duty 4 - it should be fun and the single player campaign isn't supposed to be that long. I will also endeavour to give a good airing to at least one game from my collection of unplayed games, but which older game to choose? Decisions, decisions.


Anonymous said...

Am still working my way through Act I but I still think it will take me at least 10 hours playing time to complete.

What I do like about CoD4 is once a mission has been completed you are able to reply that level again at a separate date. So going back to your favourite levels is easy.

Let me know about the multiplayer side...if you are still interested.

mbp said...

Hi DM - I had a quick look for CoD4 in my local bricks and mortar game retailers and was horrified to see that the cheapest price on offer was €50. I guess I was naive to expect to be able to pick up a bargain three days before Christmas but at that price I think I may wait till the price drops after Christmas or buy on-line ( which won't arrive till after Christmas anyway).

When I do get the game I will send you my user details for multiplayer. I warn you though - I absolutely suck at multiplayer.