Monday, January 08, 2018

Humble Monthly 2017 review

Humble Monthly is generating a bit of press this month due to having CIV VI available at its lowest ever price. I have been a  subscriber since May 2016 so it is a good time to review my 2017 acquisitions from the Monthly. 

January 2017: Extensively played Neon Chrome.   Dabbled in Jotun
February 2017:Extensively played Steam World Heist. Dabbled in XCOM 2, Project Highrise
March 2017: Extensively played Total War Warhammer
April 2017: Extensively played Black Mesa.  Dabbled in The Witness
June 2017: No monthly games played
July 2017: No monthly games played
August 2017: Extensively played Overcooked
September 2017: No monthly games played
October 2017: No monthly games played
Nov 2017: Dabbled in The Elder Scrolls Online
Dec 2017: No monthly games played. 

This suggests a fairly good hit rate early on falling off entirely in the latter half of the year. The truth is that Total War Warhammer (which I got from the March Monthly) and its sequel (which was released in September) consumed almost all my available playing time from June onward. I still love the monthly bundle though. It satisfies any itch I have to indulge in loot boxes because I get my own loot box of games every month. It also solves the selection problem for me because I get a curated selection of games every month so there is always something there worth playing if I get bored. In fact Humble Monthly has totally changed my game purchasing habits. I still buy the occasional AAA title because they are less likely to turn up in a monthly but I don't buy indie or AA games any more. I feel a little bad about this but I just don't have time to play any more games and the good ones almost always turn up in the monthly bundle eventually. 

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