What I've been playing

I am still working through the bounty of Christmas game sales.

Dragon completely enthralled me once again for all of January and well into February. I started with the new to me expansion "Awakenings" but then I went back and did a complete play through of the original game. There is still hours of content left in the DLCs if I ever feel inclined to dip back in.

I spent a few days playing with Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. This is a very clever re-skinning of the original Far Cry 3 which ports the action from tropical island to a Sci Fi dystopia complete with laser shooting dragons. I liked it and I liked the setting but it didn't hold my attention long enough to do a complete playthrough.

Sticking with Crytek I played through the single player campaign of Crysis 3. I thought it was very good with all the flexibility and free roaming that Crysis 2 had abandoned. You have a multitude of choices as to how to overcome your enemies ranging from a stealthy bow to all out explosive devastation or even hacking handily placed guns and turrets.  Sci Fi Shooters have fallen somewhat out of favour these days but I have always liked them and I think this puts Crisis right back at the top of this admittedly small field.

I also managed to playthrough Metro Last Light [Edit oops - originally said Metro 2033 in error] somewhere along the way. I can't even recall if that was before or after Christmas. I struggled a bit with the "heavy and meaningful" plot but I did stick it out to the end.

Most recently I have started playing Warlock Master of the Arcane. this is on sale at the moment for buttons and I highly recommend it. It got middle of the road reviews when it came out but it has been significantly patched since then and is a very impressive game overall. It looks exactly like Civ V but the emphasis is entirely on combat so it plays quite differently. There is an absolutely huge array of combat units and spells to choose from so the game has significant depth. I have to admit that the AI is pretty poor (on normal at any rate). This suits me just fine at the moment because I am enjoying dominating all around me but you might want to cup the difficulty or even look for a human opponent if you want a challenge from the game.


Jayedub said…
Those are some good games there. I hear Blood Dragon is amazing, some point I'll pick it up since I loved Far Cry 3. I loved Metro 2033 and picked up Last Light during the holiday, just haven't gotten to it yet.
mbp said…
Hi JD. Yes I really liked the Sci Fi vibe of Blood Dragon although it is quite light on story. Think of it as a clever mod rather than an entirely new game. Oops I meant Last Ligh twhen I said Metro 2033 above. I too loved 2033 but I found last light slightly heavier going. Not entirely sure why.

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