Thinking of cancelling my Netflix account and starting a new one.

Grghhhhhh.  Netflix has finally become useless to me.

My kids use Netflix a lot and they watch more TV than I do. The net result of this is that the viewing preferences reflect their tastes more than mine. Today I have the TV to myself and I am trying to find a movie to watch and I cannot find a single thing in the menus. Even the old reliable menus (Sci Fi, New releases, Recently added) have finally disappeared and all I get are suggestions like "Because You Watched Boy Girl Thing".

This is despite my going into the preference menus and trying to tell it what movies I like. Obviously past history carries more weight than stated preference.

There is no way to wipe the slate clean.

There is no way to get a simple flat list of menus of the major genres.

At this moment in time I hate Netflix. It is a particular cold form of hate that is reserved for automated systems that think they are cleverer than I am. Just give me the God damned tools to make my own mind up and stop trying to second guess me.

The only way I know to wipe the slat clean is to start a new account. Perhaps I will start a new free trial account to tide me over until the kids come back and I hand over the TV again.

I hate Netflix.


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