Saturday, December 15, 2012

Too many games too little time.

Despite the relative lack of activity on this blog I am still playing. For the record here are the games that have been stealing my time:

Dark Souls: Extraordinary Game, despite the barely adequate PC port this has won itself a place on my list of greatest games of all time. I eventually had to force myself to stop playing after three weeks of total immersion.

XCom Enemy Unknown: Playing and enjoying this. I seem to have got a handle on the tactical side of things and I can hold my own in battles (playing on normal) but the overall strategy side still confuses me. Everything seems to cost more that I can afford and take longer than I have to wait. Three countries have already given up on me and I haven't even got to the alien base yet.

Hard Reset: Old school shooter with modern graphics from some of people who made painkiller. This is pretty entertaining although unforgiving checkpoint placement makes it more difficult than it should be. The abandoned city backdrops became very monotonous but I have just finished the  rather short original campaign and I am now tackling the extended section which I hope will get me out in the sunlight.  One of the oddest things about the game is that it has a comic book storyline which is lovingly drawn but completely incomprehensible. I don't know if something has been lost in translation or if bits have been left out.

The Secret World: Haven't played this yet but I got it on sale from Amazon. I don't really think I am ready to go back to a mmorpg but the new pay once model means I can treat this like a single player game and play at my own pace so I intend to have a look at it sometime over the Christmas.

Other games I hope to get around to looking at over the Christmas period:
Far Cry 3
Planetside 2 (maybe)
Darksiders 2
Borderlands 2
May Payne 3
Torchlight 2
Kingdoms of Amalur

Who am I kidding. I am never going to get around to playing all of those. Too many games too little time.

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Jayedub said...

I know how you feel!