Tuesday, October 02, 2012


It was the doors that got me in the end.

The good (space) ship Dodo only managed 2 miserable jumps before meeting the drone that would be her undoing. The drone may have looked innocuous enough but its first volley took out Dodo's weapons and things began to look bad.

A crew member frantically tried to bring  weapons back online but in the mean time the drone was free to pound the ship with missiles. Those missiles passed right through shields and soon fires were burning throughout the ship.

The crew tried to put out the conflagrations while the hail of missiles continued. One brave ensign lost his life in the effort and the Captain realised that more desperate steps would be required. Pulling the crew back to a safe area he opened the airlocks in order to vent air from the fiery regions. This drastic method worked and the flames were extinguished so the crew set about repairing the damage. With life support, shields, weapons and engines all damaged no one paid much attention when the door controls took an unlucky hit.

Patching together a laser they managed to disable the drone's missile weapon and the crew felt a glimmer of hope. Perhaps the ensuing lull would give them enough time to  repair a few vital systems starting with life support. Oxygen levels were running dangerously low so this had become rather urgent. They reckoned there was enough time to fix it before everyone suffocated but but it was essential to get someone down to life support to start the repairs immediately.

Unfortunately life support was still open to the vacuum of space

and the door controls were offline.


Cap'n John said...

Okay, what was this game again? I seem to recall someone posting about a Spaceship Sim that played something like the story you've described, but I cannot find any mention in my Blog Reader.

Cap'n John said...

Ah hah! I think I found it!
??? Is it "Faster than light"?

mbp said...

Yes Cap'n John that's the one.

I am really enjoying it but it is very hard to get to the end.

Cap'n John said...

This Post is written really well, by the way. I especially love how it finishes with the last two sentences being their own paragraphs adding a touch of very deliberate, poignant finality. (Assuming you read them as they should be read with pregnant pauses between.)

mbp said...

Thanks Cap'n John. I love writing this kind of post but I find it hard to pull off successfully.

Are you going to try FTL yourself? I strongly recommend it.

Cap'n John said...

I've been playing The Walking Dead game on Facebook on the wife's PC in the evening. There's something satisfyingly cathartic about coming home from work and whacking a few virtual Walkers with a baseball bat ;) Plus I can play a couple of missions in as little as 10-15 minute then give the wife her computer back so she can do her own thing.

I think there's a very good chance I will pick this one up, just as soon as my friend repairs my computer so I have more PC time to myself.