Friday, August 10, 2012

Andor's Trail: A mobile Dungeon Crawler, #android

I have been playing an inordinate amount of "Andor's Trail" a free open source dungeon crawler being developed for the Android Platform. The concept is familiar: explore the world to kill monsters to gain experience and better gear so you can explore further and kill more monsters and dot dot dot,  but the execution of that concept is shaping up very nicely in this still under development game. It is not finished, it has no sound at all and several quests cannot be completed but  the game already has has a multitude of locations, quests and monsters and the graphics look great to me.

A word of warning the game can be very grindy particularly at lower levels. The mobs hit hard and healing is very expensive so you may find yourself forced to farm a few beginner locations over and over in order to level up and earn cash.  I have said before that I don't do grind so I generally try to do just enough grind to allow me to progess. That approach makes the game quite challenging but so far it hasn't stopped me. I manged to do all the quests in a difficult region called Blackwater Mountain in my mid teens for exmaple while other folks on the forums seem to wait for level 30 or more before going there.

Do remember of course that the game is still in development and any or every thing could change. Hopefully the newbie grind will be reduced and I personally would like to see more healing options. Nevertheless the game is very playable in its curent state and worth a look. You can even contibute to the development process by getting involved in the game forum.

Hint: If you are a new player struggling to earn gold then make sure you sell this to buy this.

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