Thursday, February 02, 2012

I wish Skyrim had Hunger and Tiredness

Title says it all really. I loved exploring Skyrim's open world and I loved the colour provided by all the assorted junk you stumble across. It did annoy me though that the game is full of tasty food and drink and there is no real reason to take any of it. Similarly with beds. You do get an temporary XP bonus for using a bed but by the time you get from your comfy bed to the nearest dungeon the bonus timer has probably run out.

I would like to have seen a hunger mechanic that afflicts your character with an increasing debuff if you don't eat something every few hours. Arx Fatalis had this and it gave a reason for scavenging food and even cooking it.

Likewise I would like to see a tiredness debuff if your character doesn't get enough regular sleep.


Stabs said...

You could just never save.

The only way to see the end would be to play for 48 hours straight, eyelids drooping, cupboards bare and the shops all closed for the night.

mbp said...

Now that would be real immersion. Quick lets go sign up for the iron man gaming blog!