Dead Space 2 Finished

Very Enjoyable Sci Fi Shooter. Very faithful sequel to the first game. Strong on storyline and action. Very gory but not offensive I thought. A few scares but most of the time the fighting is too intense to feel really creepy. Great selection of weapons and upgrade system allows customisation..  One thing I noticed for the better from the first game is that the PC controls feel a lot more responsive. The control scheme is the same so they must just have tweaked a few timings. Overall it makes the game more enjoyable to play.

My Favorite Weapons:
Early Game - Pulse Rifle  /  End Game - Ripper (spinning blade)

Favourite Chapter:
14 ( The penultimate chapter) - a flood of tough enemies gives no time for a breather as you try to fight your way through to the key objective. Exciting stuff.


Jayedub said…
What you need to get your hands on is the foam finger of death, that is the best weapon in the game!
mbp said…
Ha Ha "Bang Bang you're dead". Quite an amusing Easter egg.

I don't think I'll be playing hardcore just to unlock it though.
DM Osbon said…
Prefer the tight corridors & pacing of Dead Space over its sequel.

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