Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Now Playing

Just a quick post to record my current gaming diversions which are somewhat curtailed due to Summer activities.

Spent a bit of time in Company of Heroes Opposing Forces add on at the beginning of June. Didn't like the single player campaign as much as the original American campaign although I was impressed by the way they differentiated the new forces.

We had a couple of rainy days during two weeks on holidays in the South of France. Equipped with nothing more than a ancient Laptop I spent a few hours in Evolva dating from 2000. The game has an interesting concept of evolving your characters by adding abilities from creatures you kill. Unfortunately, just as in real life, genetic mutation in the game is highly random and I found my self spending an awful lot of time in the mutation screen rolling the genetic dice in the hope of getting some small beneficial upgrade.

Now back in temperate (read rainy) Ireland I have played a few flash games (Upgrade Complete, Frantic, Red Remover and Morning Star are recommended all available from Kongregate).

In keeping with my retro gaming urge I am now replaying all three campaigns of Aliens versus Predator 2. Not as scary as I remember it but still very clever.

While on the subject of retro gaming this cartoon from XKCD strikes a big chord with me.


Thallian said...

lolz nice comic, reminds me of my fam, specially my dad. He upgrades at about that rate to avoid wasting money.

mbp said...

I think I might just get on well with your Dad Thallian. My overriding criteria for purchasing PCs is "longevity". I have pretty much developed it to a fine art. My current machine is of 2005 vintage and thanks to carefully chosen upgrades I can still play modern games very well on it.