Thursday, March 27, 2008

You are only as smart as your search engine.

How do you manufacture polyethylene? Which German King was the founder of the Hapsburg Dynasty? How do you solve a quartic equation?

Twenty years ago it might have taken me several hours in a good library to answer those questions. Today I can do in a few minutes sitting at any computer in the world.

The internet gives me access to a vast archive of information but the interface between me and most of that information is a search tool. The better that search tool is the more readily I can find the information I want and in a very real sense the smarter I become.

Therefore I must thank Tipa for pointing out a free Beta of SearchMe a new visual search engine. It shows you pictures of websites responding to your search rather than text descriptions. I don't know if it will replace Google but it is fun to play with and is particularly handy for finding pages you have seen before but can't quite remember the address. I can't get it to work with Firefox tabs yet but it is only Beta so I assume this will be addressed later.


Anonymous said...

Am looking at this too...go the invite. The look is like a Itunes library display where you can spin through your music via album art.

mbp said...

The inability to open links into seperate tabs would be a deal breaker for me but I have found a way around it. Searchme has an option to open links in a new window. I then use the TabMix plus Firefox extension to force new windows into new tabs and also to prevent focus switching. I can now use searchme to browse a bunch of pages clicking the ones I want to send then off to new tabs. Perfect.