Tuesday, October 30, 2007

LOTRO Housing: An island of my own

In the end Throg went with his heart rather than his head. He bought 3 Frothing Road in the Dwarf Quarter:

It's not big. It's in the same place as my kin hall so I now have three ways to port to port to Thorin's hall but come on. I have my own island. How cool is that?

In case you don't believe me here is a picture:

Believe it or not the feisty dwarf has turned out to have a homely side and has bought some furniture for his new pad. The living room is still a bit bare:

but his bedroom is very cosy:

Over all I am pleased with the housing system. The hook system for placing furniture is a bit inflexible but at least there is plenty of availability.

Other bloggers who have recently become LOTRO homeowners include Sean from Lost in the Grind, Khan from The Battered Shield, Tobold and Ethic from Kill Ten Rats. Humph, just about everybody has a cooler name for their gaming Blog than me!

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