Monday, October 22, 2007

How serious are you about game immersion?

When I play games I like to leave reality behind and lose myself in the game world. Nice graphics and realistic sound effects help me to do that. I have even experimented with 3D goggles and while the technology is too fiddly for everyday use I can vouch for the increased immersion that real 3D provides.

From Slashdot (I won't link to them for fear of overloading their server) I got a link to this gadget which actually lets players experience the blows and wallops as well as the sights and sounds of the game world.

I quote:
Utilizing air pouches--four on front, four in back--the vest nudges and jabs gamers at eight different contact points.

Now I have to say I think this is hilarious but I can just imagine that this thing could catch on. It has a certain macho cachet: "My game hits back but I can take it"!!! Personally though I think I had better brush up on my head shots before I expose my poor body to this thing.

Mind you - it could add a whole new dimension to Death Penalty in MMORPGs.


DM Osbon said...

haha...don't need the vest as my wife is good at adding the blows when I am submerged too long in WoW!

mbp said...

Lol DM. Speaking of WoW by the way when are we going to hear about your resumed adventures in Azeroth?

DM Osbon said...

ah just came out of the WoW to see this post. Will be making one very soon!

DM Osbon said...

new post up!