Sunday, June 12, 2011

World of Tanks: Making it easy to spend real money

147 battles in and I am still having lots of fun without spending real money in World of Tanks but I decide to buy some gold anyway. Given my track record with games I am unlikely to stick with it for more than a few weeks so I decided to start small and only spend €9.99 for 2,500 Gold. I will probably spend this on crew training mostly but I may also spend a few gold rescuing some trapped experience from capped "Elite Tanks". 

Of course spending such a small amount means I had to put up with a poor exchange rate. While volume discounts are understandable they are a sore point if you have already decided for very good reasons not to buy big. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the hit was not so severe. The best rate you can get is 0.33c per gold for spending €99.99 but I still managed a respectable 0.4c per gold for only spending €9.99.

To be honest this makes me much more comfortable buying a small amount of gold. I don't feel ripped off and it makes it much more likely that I will buy another small amount of gold later. There is a school of though that having big discounts on block purchases encourages people to spend more but in my case at any rate it would probably scare me off and make me spend less.

The other way WoT makes it easy to spend money is by having a very wide choice of methods of putting money into the game. I could choose between two billing partners and a multiplicity of payment methods. In the end I opted for Paypal because the current spate of hacking into game companies makes me think that the fewer service have my credit card details the better.

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