Friday, June 17, 2011

Making the most of the World of Tanks matchmaking chart

I am still a very new player in World of Tanks with  a mere 230 battles to my name but a recent post from Zoso about the vagaries of the matchmaking system caused me to search out the full matchmaking chart. You can see it here.  Be sure to scroll down to the latest version (currently 6.4).

If you locate you current tank in the left hand column and see how far the bar extends you can see the highest level battle that you are likely to be thrown into.

Studying this chart confirms a suspicion I had earlier that there are certain sweet spots on the chart where you can pick a tank that is unlikely to be put up against anything it cannot handle. A level 3 tank destroyer for example will not be put into into any battle above level 5 and I know from experience that a fully equipped level 3 TD can do decent damage to any level 5 tank even heavies. If you upgrade to a level 4 tank destroyer though the level of tanks that you could face jumps by two levels  up to level 7. It seems to me that level 3 is a sweet spot for tank destroyers.

The situation with light tanks is even more dramatic. A level 3 light tank won't see anything above level 5 but a level 4 light tank could be thrown against level 9s and there is basically no limit to what a level 5 light can face! The sweet spot for light tanks is in fact level 2 because a level 2 light will never have to fight anything above level 2.

Of course a level 5 light in a level 10 battle can still be a useful scout and I have no doubt that light tank specialists relish this role. Nevertheless studying the matchmaking chart is great for finding sweet spots where you can enjoy competitive matches without having to grind excessively.


Gankalicious said...

I haven't checked out that chart but I did want to say that my all-time worse match was my Marder (Tier 3 tank destroyer) in with a bunch of Tigers (Tier 7 heavies).

It wasn't pretty ;)

mbp said...

Perhaps that was an earlier version gank. That can't happen on the current chart and I have never seen it.