Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Things I have learned from World of Tanks #1

Everything every strategy game I have ever played has taught me about the advantages of "holding the high ground" is bullshit. You are far better off in a hole with your gun barrel peeping out than you are sitting pretty on top of a hill. Better yet stay on the down slope of a hill and just edge forward till you can take a shot at the guy over the crest and then reverse back down again.


Zoso said...

Yup, getting hull down ( ) is useful. I read the memoirs of a tanker, he said even 30 years after Normandy he couldn't look at a piece of terrain without noting areas a Sherman could get hull-down.

Thallian said...

The battle of Verdun was fought over a hill, from which they could shoot artillery across a very wide valley. Holding that hill didn't keep troops from marching up it and advancing on your trenches but it sure made it a lot more costly. In video games, high ground doesn't make sense because the physics aren't realistic, they are just modeled, and because people already know where you are thanks to cheap radar programming. That said, being in a ditch where its hard to see you is always advantageous.

Cap'n John said...

It's like trying to hide a Gnome inside a shrub in WSG.

Realistically you should be able to sit down inside the shrub hidden from view, even if you're not a Gnome Rogue. Except there's a giant red tag above your head and it's a dead give away to any passing Horde that a tasty snack lies within.

Not to mention the "cheapness" of Tab-targeting & ranged attacks. Wait, I just did.