Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playstation Network Data Breach

It is not that long since any reference to gaming in the mainstream media was accompanied by a picture of a dribbling youth clutching fiercely to a 1980's era joystick so it is something of a surprise to see that the Playstation Network data breach is headline news here in Ireland today. Even more surprisingly the mainstream radio channels I have listened to have had quite sensible analyses of the breach and what it may mean for affected customers. In this respect they are even ahead of the normal techie news channels like Slashdot.

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Anonymous said...

When everyday people start misusing such geeky words as multitasking intermingled with dancing awesomes you know the landscape has changed. Willful ignorance anyone?

BTW, Slashdot has reported this on four separate days, starting on 23 April, with various updates to progress since.