Thursday, April 21, 2011

Continuing Browser Confusion

I have ended my brief flirtation with Firefox for Android. Its current incarnation suffers from painfully slow page rendering and the re-formating for the small screen leaves a lot to be desired. Opera Mini 6 for Android on the other hand has turned into a really great browser now that the initial bugs have been eliminated. Opera mini 6 has lightning fast page rendering and a much improved tab implementation compared to Opera 5. Tabs now load properly in the background allowing you to read one page while the next loads in the background. It supports proper pinch zoom as well as double tap to reformat the current paragraph to fit the screen.  The page reformating is the best I have seen on any mobile browser and really enhances mobile browsing. I played around with Safari on my wife's Iphone and it really misses this feature. Sadly Opera mini 6 is not available on the Iphone yet.

Moving back to Opera mini on the phone tempted me to try Opera 11 on my desktop. Opera 11 doesn't feel all that different to Opera 10 but it seems to have much better compatibility with the few pages that caused me problems in 10. 

Unfortunately a bug of some kind is preventing me from installing Opera 11 on my main gaming machine so now I use a mishmash of  Opera and Firefox depending on which machine I am on. I actually prefer the look and feel of Firefox 4 without exactly knowing why. The app tabs feature has grown on me although they are not as sticky as I would like. Every so often my app tabs disappear for reasons I haven't been able to fathom. 

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