Thursday, November 22, 2007

Level Cap Blues

Long time no blog post. I don't know if my writers block is related or not but it coincides with a period of some apprehension in my gaming life. Throg has made it to level 49 and is fast approaching the level cap of 50. I am uneasily aware that the nature of the game changes. Part of me is excited at the possibility of raiding but I have to be realistic - I simply cannot go raiding every night. I need fun things to do that can be completed in short spurts for most of my game playing. It's not that I am running out of things to do. There are lots of things to do but many of them take huge amounts of time in comparison to pre-end game advancement. For example most nights I log on someone in the kinship is organising a Carn Dum run. While I don't know all the details of Carm Dum I do know that it is an instance that must be done many times for most people to get their class quest items and that it takes over three hours for each run through. Most nights I cannot commit to a solid 3 hour stretch. If I want to commit that amount of time I need to organise it well in advance.

In fairness to Lotro you are not forced to do this instance. You can buy almost everything on the AH for hefty sums of gold. Even a solo player could farm gold and equip himself with Legendary gear given enough time. Still I miss the simple half hour fellowship quests that were so prolific at lower levels.

We had a kinship event last Saturday including a fun attempt at the Imlad Balchorth Raid. Its a very nasty place with five or six groups of elite spirits and elite master spirits that all need to be killed within a tight timescale (20 minutes or so) in order to spawn the raid boss. Our ad hoc group managed to kill the groups right enough but we were too slow. We ran out of time on the last group and were swamped by a sudden total re-spawn. I still enjoyed the event though and learned some things about Lotro Raids.


The Organ Harvester said...

i'm generally the whipping boy for games whether its pro evo or unreal tournament. so i just play the computer. they dont insult you and remind you about it months later. or say things like you have the reflexes of a drunken tortoise. nice blog hell of a funny blog too.

mbp said...

Hi OH, Thank you for your kind comments. I notice that you manage to keep not one but two blogs going. How do you do it? I struggle to keep even one regularly updated.