Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wot I am playing

My gaming has been a mixed bag recently. From a recent humble indie bundle I have played:

Limbo: Excellent atmospheric 2d platformer. The best bits are at the start unfortunately but I found enough of interst to keep me going to the end.

Bastion: I finished my first play through last night. Highly polished and very enjoyable action rpg with a strong storyline that is cleverly narrated  as you progress through the game. There are tonnes of options (weapons and upgrades) and I was initially frustrated to realise that you cannot replay levels in the game because there aren't enough levels to try more than a few combinations. However finishing the game seems to have unlocked a new mode where I can go back with all the stuff I have accumulated so I may replay it a few times to experiment. My favourite combination so far is flame thrower and mortar by the way.

Super Meat Boy:  Incredible hard but quite compelling platformer.  I have completed about twenty levels but I am afraid to go back to the game because I know it will end in tears of frustration.

Outside of the bundle I have also being dabbling in

Dungeon Siege III: Played co-op with my daughter.

Eve: If bored I log in and run a mission but apart from increasing my skills it feels like I am going backwards in the game. I had my largest ever loss when I blindly jumped to the wrong gate and sent a mission fit maelstrom straight into a low sec gate camp. In addition to that high sec mission runner I have a 0.0 "lol" alt with 800k skill points running level 1 Gurista missions in a Magnate in Venal. The level 1 missions are a joke but trying to keep the character alive and supplied with any kind of ship and equipment is mildly entertaining.

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