Thursday, October 20, 2011

Turbine predicts the day of my death.

Logging in to check my Lotro account (in response to yet another security breach warning) I was dismayed to see a big red "Pending Cancellation" notice bannered across my subscription details.
Squinting down through the fine print I saw that yes indeed my LIFETIME membership  was due to expire on June 1 2061.

Think about it.

I will be 97. Not a bad age but with medical advances and such I was hoping to hit the hundred. Ah well. 


Stabs said...

I think you're far more likely to reach 2061 than Lotro is although of course I hope you both do.

Wilhelm Arcturus said...

Hahahaha, you people in the EU are going to die! DIE!

Meanwhile, my US lifetime account has no expiration date listed, so no doubt that means I will live forever!

That expiration thing must have been a Codemasters carry-over. The only expiration date my account shows is the one for my credit card. (Long since expired.)

mbp said...

It is interesting that they picked a date of 50 years into the future. I guess they reckon that no matter how successful their game is it won't last that long.