Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lady Killers

"Did you know" my wife asked out of the blue "that the average gamer is a 43 year old woman?"

Somewhat surprised at my lovely lady's new found knowledge I mumbled "Um... are you sure they aren't talking about Facebook games"

"Perhaps. I read it in the newspaper. Also did you know that there are four kinds of gamers: achievers, socialisers, killers and something else.  I am an achiever".

She is too. My wife holds every achievement possible in Plants versus Zombies and now she is in the process of repeating the feat with Bejewelled 3.

I am delighted that the mainstream media has not forgotten Richard Bartle's seminal piece of gaming research although I am somewhat surprised to see it being used in relation to Facebook games. Modern them park mmorpgs have diverged very far from the open world MUDs that spawned Bartle's research and sometimes it feels like his work has been forgotten.

By the way I would watch out for that 43 year old lady gamer. She gets up to some pretty dubious stuff if Google is to be believed:

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DM Osbon said...

I use to be a social gamer but have since seen the error of my ways and like your wife, I'm an achiever.