Monday, February 14, 2011

A flirtation with twitter

I have actually had a Twitter account for several years but up until recently it had all of one tweet on it. I have decided to give it another go however so I started a new account under the tag: liambp (Life Is A MindBending Puzzle, geddit?).

My thinking goes like this: I love blogging but blogging can be slow. Even short posts can sometimes take an hour or more to write and re-write. Often I have thoughts I want to record but the effort involved in crafting a full blog post dissuades me. Twitter is going to be my instant blog. A place for unedited ideas dumped straight onto the interwebs.

I don't know if this is how other people see or use Twitter but I am keen to experiment with it and see how it goes. There should be a link to my Twitter feed in the side panel. Feel free to join, add, invite or whatever it is twititererers do and I will be delighted to reciprocate. 


Jayedub said...

I know exactly what it is you speak of. I have a real bad tendancy to ignore my blog for long periods of time so that's why I like twiter, it allows me to post up a thought or something random.

mbp said...

Hi J I am still in the heady flush of enthusiasm about Twitter. I have to get over the temptation to reply to every tweet in my feed or else I could be typing all day.