Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Darkfall to repent its evil ways: This has to be a wind up

Tasos Flambouras front man for the hard core pvp game Darkfall announces an upcoming change where rather than reward you for killing other players you will be required to go to church and repent instead.

Massively fell for it and reported it but my money is on practical joke.

Quote: "Enough with killing other players" 


Stabs said...

It seems from the comments at Massively it's genuine.

The problem was that people would kill a good-aligned alt dozens of times to fix their alignment.

I've been tempted by Darkfall but have never quite succumbed due to feeling that they haven't ever managed to come to grips with exploiters. I'm too ethical to exploit and too competitive to not mind that they have stronger characters.

mbp said...

I was sure it was a hoax because of th nature of the game but it does seem to be genuine. I quite like the fact that games like Darkfall exist but I would never have the time or commitment required to become competitive at one.