Sunday, December 05, 2010

Metro 2033: Moscow What has Become of You?

Thanks to a heavy snowfall I had the perfect excuse to spend the weekend indoors playing Metro 2033 bought in last weeks Steam Sale.

It is a very Russian game. The post apocalyptic setting and the art style remind me a lot of Stalker but the gameplay is more linear. Indeed it owes a lot to half life. I actually enjoyed the game very much. Sometimes a good old fashioned on rails shooter is exactly what you need. The game does have a few tricks up its sleeve most notably the use of ammunition as currency leaving you with a constant dilemma about whether to shoot your bullets or spend them. Restricting the availability of ammunition is a tried and trusted way of increasing the tension in a horror game and for the most part this achieves the same effect but there are a few places where I found it annoying. In the early part of the game there are shops offering cool weapons and upgrades but I never knew whether I could afford to spend the ammo on them or not and by the time I got a handle on which ammunition I wanted to keep and which I was prepared to spend I ran out of shops to spend it in!

A few minor niggles aside though the game was very enjoyable overall. Well recommended.

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Jayedub said...

I was really happy to see this game go on sale, I've wanted to pick it up for awhile.