Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gaming Update

I haven't disappeared but what with Christmas and family activities it has been pretty quiet on the gaming front. Minecraft proved a big hit with my daughters. I even set up a home server to allow them play together in multi-player. I made this harder fro myself than it should have been by starting out on patch day so I had to fight with version incompatibility as well as new patch bugs. Once I got everything sorted out however it worked a treat. As an unexpected bonus I managed to set things up so you can log in single player or multiplayer and still edit the same world. The trick to doing this is to store the multiplayer server in the Saves directory of the single player game and to change the level-name in the "server.properties" file. to be the name of your single player world.  This sounds bizarre but it does work. It means that when I am not around to set up a server the girls can still log in with single player and work on their world.

The only game I have been playing is Empire total war. I am still working my way through the Road to independence campaign and I have 9 out the required 15 territories I need to beat the scenario.  Still enjoyable even if CA seem to have played somewhat fast and loose with historical accuracy on this one. The British forces I am fighting consist almost entirely of native American troops while the native American factions themselves are quite technologically advanced complete with their own artillery units.

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