Saturday, August 01, 2009

Lotro Europe Welcome Back Week: Have they got the timing wrong?

Next week is a free "welcome back week" for Lotro Europe customers. I don't know how these things are normally done but according to Codemasters no signups or re-registration is required all I have to do is run the game. Nicely done.

I will certainly try it (am patching my client as we speak) but I don't think I will stick with it. I am really not in the mood for an mmo at the moment. Personally I think the timing is off. August is still a Summer month with hopes of fine weather, long bright evenings and lots of other diversions on offer.

I think that September would have been a better time, powerful back to school memories, back to Autumn, time to to put aside Summer's carefree pursuits and start preparing for the Winter months ahead.

Other than September I would perhaps suggest the week after Christmas. A time when many folks have holidays and when attention is focussed on indoor leisure activities.

On a unrelated bit of Lotro news Tony from MMEOW has drawn my attention to the fact that moves may be afoot to rework the whole hard mode / radiance gear / raid gating mechanic. Interesting.

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