Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lotro: Sweet Dreams Throg

Throg joined a pick up group Raid to slay the spider queen Bogbereth. It is a very easy raid, no great tactics are involved and everyone just DPSes away. This random group of 12 players killed her very quickly.

Lady luck was smiling on our dwarven friend and he won the roll for the beasts head. He brought it home and mounted it in a favourite spot (click for full size):

Hmmm....I think he should probably donate it to his kinhouse. What do you think?

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Khan said...

Hehe, yeah I'd probably donate it to the kin if I had won it. Then again, I play a hobbit and tend not to want things in his house that would cause him to wake the neighbors with screams of terror before he realizes it's just his trophy.