Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lotro: Say Hello to Ceoldir my new Loremaster

Historically I have an appalling record with alts. I generally tire of them before leaving the newbie zone. Such was the fate of my elf minstrel (abandoned at level 6), hobbit burglar (level 8) and human captain (level 8). Ceoldir, my new human lore master, has managed to buck the trend. I have levelled him up to 14 and am still enjoying it very much.

While my champion Throg is a fairly one dimensional character (he hits things hard) Ceoldir has a a varied set of abilities:

1. He can crowd control mobs to remove them from the fight.
2. He has a number of powerful area of effect debuffs which reduce the damage dealt by melee or ranged foes.
3. He has a pet which can provide extra dps or further debuff mobs, or provide a limited tanking role.
4. He has a limited healing ability
5. He can replenish his power by stealing from a mob
5. He can rain fire down on his foes doing both instant damage and damage over time.

He also has a big stick to hit things with but given Ceoldir's light armour and low morale I have found that melee combat is best avoided except perhaps to deliver the finishing blow to a dying opponent.

All of a loremasters skills are useful during group play but I was surprised to find out just how powerful they are for solo play as well. Played correctly the loremaster can achieve things my champion could not hope to do at the same level. I can tackle elites solo and I have already soloed a number of fellowship quests.

The key phrase here is "played correctly". When things go wrong, pet dead, blinding flash on cooldown, incorrect debuffs applied, the loremaster dies very quickly. Perhaps I am a slow learner but I have died many times getting to level 14. Now, however, I think I am beginning to get the hang of things.

So far Ceoldir has been questing around the human starting areas of Coombe and Straddle, areas that I was not very familiar with. Now at level 14 he moves on to the Bree land quests that I have already completed with Throg. Will I still enjoy it when I am redoing old quests? I don't know but I hope so.

I would post a picture but it is maintenance day and I cant log in to get a screen shot.

By the way - I must eat a bit of humble pie - Some time ago I pronounced that I hate alts and wanted them banned. Umm.... Can I change my mind? Mind you, I am playing Ceoldir as a genuine character for the enjoyment of doing so. He has not received any handouts from Throg and I do not intend to try power levelling him.

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