Lotro: Throg raids the Rift of Nur Ghashu

Throg waited nervously for the first pull. First kinship Raid. Most important thing is not to embarrass himself. He was pretty sure he knew which mob to target but what if he had misunderstood the commands broadcast into the electronic ether by his raid leader?

A daze, a pull, wait for main tank to gain aggro and they are off.

Who am I supposed to be attacking again?

How the hell does this Raid assist menu work?

My screen is full of labels, I can't see a FRICKIN THING.

Who is that heavy breathing on the teamspeak channel?

Its crazy in here. Hit something. Hit ANYTHING.


You hit the troll.

You hit the troll while you were standing on the edge of a cliff.

The troll nudges you off the cliff.


An inauspicious start to Throg's raiding career but thing got better after that. We downed three bosses and loot was won. The more experienced raiders in the group noted that there were more wipes than usual but I don't think that was entirely Throg's fault.

Wife/family aggro was pretty good too. I booked the evening off and we started promptly and finished at 10:30. I missed my kids bedtime but they seemed to understand. Its OK for Daddy to take an evening off once in a while.

Oh and did I mention that Throg got some loot? A very nice pair of boots. These look like they should keep a dwarf's feet dry:


Anonymous said…
Throg did great, maybe I missed that troll incident in the beginning but we all make mistakes, I surely do it all the time.

mbp said…
Welcome X anf thanks. I did struggle a bit with my interface in the beginning. I also had some kind of auto-targeting set up where once the mob I was on died I automatically selected another mob and hit it. Not a clever idea when there are mobs near by that have to be kept stunned. After the first wipe I turned that off and felt more in control of things.
Anonymous said…
Like I already said Throg :) You did great and we would love to have you in again.

mbp said…
Thanks Agatio and welcome to the blog. I enjoyed the focussed intensity of the raid a lot and I hope to do more if I can organise RL around it.

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