Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer

Hugging the wall I squeeze myself around the doorway poised to pump lead into any corner. Then I see him. For one brief moment we stare at each other across the debris strewn room.

No time to think.

Bullets spray wildly about the room. Then silence.
Crouched behind cover I think.

He's behind that crate. I'm sure of it.
I wonder if I can shoot him through it.
It looks like metal, best not try.
A grenade! That should flush him.

The grenade lands with bizarre tinkling but it is deafening in the silence of that room.

Surely he must have heard that.
Footsteps - He's running.
Stand, aim, shoot.

A figure bursts from cover. Two taps of the trigger. Six bullets from my M16.

Dead . I killed him.

The grenade explodes behind a crate, now irrelevant. It's gentle thud makes suitable requiem for my lifeless opponent.

I'm still alive.


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